How Raw Food Became a Passion


We are lucky to share our home & property near Telkwa, BC with four Great Danes.  Unfortunately, we had to say "til we meet again" to the 11 year old senior (big harlequin) summer of 2019, however, we also welcomed in a new pack member just prior... another lovely young male Great Dane (the black guy).  As with all endings are new beginnings.  Please meet  the inspiration behind Real Life Raw.  Custom convenient healthy raw food  has become a passion & a focal point in our busy lives due to this  large pack & we are rewarded daily witnessing their happy, healthy adventures!!


I have been feeding my companion pets a raw, species-appropriate diet for over 20 years.  When I met Stevan many years ago, I explained the multiple benefits of feeding a raw diet & we transitioned his two Great Danes to a raw diet.  We have never looked back, expanding in our equipment & suppliers in a never-ending search for quality & cost-effective raw food to feed to our companion pets.


I was a certified veterinary technician in Jasper, AB for many years prior & am still certified in the field.  Both Stevan & myself hold Foodsafe certification & pride ourselves on the meticulous storage & handling of all Real Life Raw product.  In addition, striving to be the best, we are fully committed to nutritional analysis of meals & I am enrolled in a diploma companion pet nutrition program thru the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies currently.    We are very excited for Real Life Raw to grow into a reputable respected local business & look forward to your support!