Real Life Raw recommends that you consult a veterinary professional prior to starting your pet on a raw diet, especially if you have a special needs companion pet.


Real Life Raw recommends the following supplements in addition to a species-appropriate raw diet for your pets.  PLEASE NOTE PER MEALS LISTED AS "COMPLETE & BALANCED" SUPPLEMENTATION IS NOT RECOMMENDED.   PLEASE NOTE PER MEALS LISTED AS "BALANCED" SUPPLEMENTATION, BESIDES AN OMEGA 3 SOURCE, IS NOT RECOMMENDED.   Personally, we supplement rotating every few days as too many supplements at once can upset stomachs.  This is a guideline... I know I don't exactly fill my nutritional needs every single day 😉 Another suggestion is a fish meal twice a week or the equivalent divided in all meals thru out the week to meet Omega 3 requirements. If using a pet multivitamin, please inform Real Life Raw as most are high in vitamin A (not meant for raw supplementation) &  recommend we omit the added liver to prevent vitamin A toxicity, if is the case.

Daily Supplement Recommendations

Zinc 2mg / 20lbs

Manganese 0.1mg/20lbs

Vitamin D 1mcg (40IU )/ 20lbs

Vitamin E 10mg (15IU) / 20lbs

Iodine (commonly kelp is used to meet requirements) 1/8 tsp / 20lbs

Omega 3's (depends on fish oil concentration... an average guideline) 1/4 tsp / 20lbs  

Freeze raw meat & poultry products until use.  Thaw in refrigerator & hold no longer than three days.  Carefully handle meats & sanitize any surfaces that come in contact.  Wash pet bowls after each use in warm, soapy water.    

There may appear to be an odour or discolouration in some meals.  Please be aware a variety of organs, including green tripe, are added to all meals specified to include organ (unless specific requests indicate differently).  Green tripe is, in fact, slightly green.  It is "a type of edible offal from the stomachs of various farm animals" (Wikipedia).   For further info on the nutritional benefits of green tripe & much more info regarding it, a great informative link is as below;     https://blog.homesalive.ca/what-are-the-benefits-of-tripe-for-dogs  .

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